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Home   |  SNMP Firmware Update History

SNMP Firmware Update History

version: rwc_beta1  9/10/11

1. added factory password
2. changed default root password to increase security
3. updated alarm trap mask to use 1048187
4. removed write comunity in web page
5. psu polling freqency decreased to avoid unecessary comms (800ms delay between polls)
6. added watchdog feature on srxxxx_main. Watchdog needs to be enabled in dbug (set watchdog on)
7. automatic daily reset (if no mains fail situation)
8. change color of status display in monitor web page to show if there is an alarm state

version: rwc_beta2  24/10/11

1:   various web pages enhancements
2:   removed display of temperature in web pages if not supported by psu
3:   added mains fail and overload trap handling for L series

version: rwc_a1 1/11/11

1. added various comments in web pages
3. added DC low and DC High trap for L series
4. added the psuLoadCurrentHigh trap for L series
5. automatic reboot not prevented anymore if in mains fail
6. remove temperature related OID in MIB if the psu does not have temperature sensor fitted
7. restored Vshutd info in web page for i and V series
version: rwc_a2 14/11/11
1. Removed the battery remaining OID from the snmp agent and set it to N/A in the web site
2. Added second read check on GETCONFIG and GET STATUS command to confirm psu response to increase robusness in comms in general. Consequently, psu polling frequency decreased again to 1.5s delay between polls, retry when applicable is within 100ms.
3. added Schedule BCT enable/disabled status

version: rwc_a2_3 02/12/12
1. Watchdog timeout is now 2min. Lost comms trap is sent after >30s (used to be 20s)
2. Added force reboot if init fails for any reason. 

version: rwc_a3 (16MB) 09/12/12
1. Added force reboot if init fails for any reason.

version: rwc_a5   14/05/13
note: this is a major release
1.  Migrated to sdk2.0.0.3
2.  Fixed Bug #43 Enterprise OID does not include trap ID.
3.  Fixed Bug #41 minor update to web page
4.  Fixed Bug #42 The agent bind ip address is now refreshed from the kernel before a trap is sent.
5.  Fixed Bug #49 Xpp now requires 5x reading above or below previous extreme before update.  Improved error handling when parsing and converting integer Trap threshold update also require 5x reading.

version: rwc_a6 19/05/13
1. fixed Bug#53 User configuration

Check out which firmware version to use based on Single or Dual boot capability.

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